Powweb webmail clients and spam protection

Powweb webmail clients program are the best.

Their shared web hosting plan allows multiple emails account to be hosted and each account is accessible via online webmail. Once a new email account is added, we can connect it through Outlook Express or any other client software of choice and send receive message through here. When asked for our opinion on their email service quality, we have no problem with it so far and we are able to perform daily task with their email service.

Powweb webmail client

From the control panel, we see there are providing three types of webmail clients program namely atmail, squirrelmail and horder. The latest Open-xchange webmail client is provided for free as well. We can use these webmail program for checking new messages and composing outgoing messages. Everything is done online and it works great.

How to create a new Powweb email account?

Their web hosting plan allows unlimited email accounts and we can do this from their control panel. From here choose to go to Mail Central, and from here we can create new email account. Choose a new standard email type and create a new for the new mailbox. Choose the domain name require and set a new password for this mailbox. All these are the only required thing and next we can complete the new mailbox. What we can do next is link this from our email client software and allow us to create email, send it and receive email in future. From our review and testing, this new mailbox is working great and there is no difficulties during mailbox creation or when send receive the email message.

Powweb email setting and configuration for new mailbox.

There are quit a lot of chatter online and we often see new customers are asking about mailbox creation and configuration. Some people failed to get it up running and unable to send receive message via mail server. Take note that on upon creating new mailbox for your domain, there is a pending period of about 20 minutes. Give it 30-minutes before you try to connect to these new email account via client software. Here are the message we get from MailCentral:

Your mailbox has been created and will be active within 20 minutes.

After this mailbox is available, we can now check its configuration setting and apply it to our email client software of choice.

  1. Username: support@powwebreview.org
  2. SMTP Server: smtp.powweb.com ( port 587 )
  3. POP Server: pop.powweb.com ( port 110 )
  4. Outgoing Server Requires SMTP Authentication

From this control panel, we can choose additional email addon or upgrade. The default email account storage size is set to 500 MB, and we can choose to upgrade up to 10 GB in total storage. And there is upgrade to Google Apps available too.

Powweb email sending limit is 200 per hour.

Web hosting company apply limitation on their email services in order to stop spamming activity and prevent server overload. Their email limits is set to 4800 per day or 200 per hour. This limit is quit good and better compare to most budget hosting providers. To work around this and use it for sending out maximum message per day, setup the email sending script to get 200 addresses from MySQL database. And add this script to run by cron job from control panel and set it to every hour performs once. This will fully optimized the given resources. This is a small temporary solution and will not work for high demand email marketing service that hope to send thousand of emails per hour. For that specific requirement, there is a need for VPS or dedicated hosting that offers much higher email sending capability.

Email spam protection and feature are provided too.

Inside this control panel, we found a Spam management setting and we can choose to apply protection to all email accounts available. This is a global setting and once activated, all domain associated with our account will be using the same spam filtering setting. We can choose either to delete the spam message, store it separate directory for 7 days or just receive the message with subject line prefix only. There is additional grey-list and white-list feature to add sender into contact.

Here is Powweb email catch-all feature available.

In additional, the email catchall feature is also supported by their load-balanced hosting plan too. If you are doing business and worry people sending message to wrong address or simply the address is no longer valid due to employee leaving the company etc, this email catch-all feature is the tool to use. Setting the bounce email address and direct all invalid address to here. If you don’t want those email to be bounced to a default address, alternatively you can choose to trash or delete those invalid emails.

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Best vDeck web hosting reviews

When selecting a web hosting plan, there are a number of things you need to consider to pick the best. One of the most important factors is the control panel where a person takes control of their site and other related data. With the control panel, webmasters are able to build their sites, manage domains, backup website data, email accounts, install software and manage website files among many other tasks.

vDeck is one of the most popular control panel options offered in the market today as it offers user friendly tools for a person who wants to develop and manage their website.

Integrated with a number of management tools that are easy to use, vDeck also offers an intuitive and user friendly interface for all its users. Most of the time you can use this for free once you sign up with a hosting plan that provides the control panel. All the features it offers help users go about building, management and promotion of the website. If you would like to take advantage of this, below is a list of 5 of the best vDeck web hosting companies you can work with.

1. Powweb
This is the most recommended vDeck web hosting company because they are using load-balancing servers and provide this is default feature. Next is their cheap price and new customer can signup to their unlimited hosting plan for three dollars per month. This vDeck hosting plan uses latest control panel and with Simplescripts apps installer.

2. Fatcow
This is another option you have when looking for the best vDeck web hosting company. With this company you can be assured that you will get unlimited disk space, POP mailboxes, bandwidth, domains hosted and MySQL databases. Here you will also get free domain name, shopping cart, website builder and script barn. In addition to this, you will be working with an SSL secure server that helps to protect your site at all times. The company also offers numerous special deals and discounts to help you save some money while working with a top notch hosting company.

3. iPage
This is another great option you have when searching for the best vDeck web hosting. This helps you to get a site that really works where you do not need any experience as it is very easy and quick. With the plans you get from this, you can be assured of unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email addresses. Clients also get free security suite, domain registration, online store, site building tools, marketing credits and search engine. Here you can also be certain that you will get back money back guarantee anytime you want.

4. Startlogic
This is a company that makes it very easy for anyone who is looking to create a personal, e-commerce or business website. This offers free domain name, unlimited hosting, cutting edge marketing tools and easy to use site builder. This is a company that goes out of its way to prove that they are reliable when offering hosting services to its customers. It also offers free site promotion which makes it very simple to promote your site on all the major search engines. It also offers useful applications that are quite easy to install and you will have a great experience should you opt to host with the company.

5. Dot5hosting
This is a company that offers clients unlimited hosting from as low as $5.95. All the plans it offers include unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and email accounts. You will also get a free domain name, website templates shopping carts and website builders. Here you will also get more than 140 DIY tutorials as well as useful forum and blogging tools. This is a company that is constantly finding new ways to add value to all their clients with incredible support, great pricing and packages. It also offers a 30 day money back guarantee is they do not deliver their promises.

6. BlueDomino
This is a company that goes out of its way to make web hosting as easy as possible. It offers plans that give clients unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 24×7 phone support, free domain, choice of 2 site builders and marketing ad credits that you can get for as low as $5.95. If you feel like the company does not deliver as it is supposed to, there is no need to worry as it offers 30 day guarantee allowing you to get your money back when not satisfied. This goes to show that it is a reputable company that believes it has rolled out great products in the market that clients will love.

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