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This Powweb review is hosted since 2007 and oath to be truthful and honest. Our intensive research covered product testing, feature checking and quality monitoring. We put in a lot of effort and time to ensure this web hosting company is thoroughly rated. In this Powweb review site, we evaluate and test every tiny feature provided in here. Look at our latest editor verdicts and you will see we are having the most intensive reports ever. We also have some nice Powweb coupons that offer various discount and saving up to 57% off for customer signup.

Introduction to Powweb hosting service

Powweb is with all-in-one unlimited shared hosting and they highlighting it is using load balanced technology. This is extraordinary service and it uses the latest technology to create an unmatched service. This new server platform has increased the service reliability and enhanced the user experience. Here are the 5 thing to know about them:

  1. This is an eco-friendly and a verified 100% green.
  2. This web hosting plan is from as-low-as $3.40/mo.
  3. Powweb control panel is using vDeck version 4.
  4. WordPress plan is now $3/mo (newly introduced).
  5. Their shared hosting uses load balanced technologies (not found elsewhere).

Powweb Homepage

What is Powweb advantages and strengths?

There are many reasons to choose their hosting, and the most important one is likely their load balancing technology. There is extra hardware in place to make the service even faster and better. This is why we highly recommend this. Next, we are checking on their features and specification. We all know that this is an unlimited web hosting plan and come with all unlimited resources, here are the highlight:

  1. Unlimited domain and host as many websites as you want.
  2. Unlimited storage space and use as many disk space as require.
  3. Unlimited data transfer and all bandwidth your website need is here.
  4. Unlimited email accounts with POP or IMAP.

In here, we are given full permission to access and use as many disk space as required by our websites. We can host few websites and not just one. We can have a Powweb review blog in here created using WordPress, and later have a few more blogs or content management site as well. This mean within this web hosting space, we can allocate multiple websites in here and each website is independent and works by their own. We are given 75 MySQL database and for this we can choose to host this number of database driven website. Basically what limiting us is the number of files or inodes to be permitted in one account and that limit is not worrying us after all.

Powweb hosting features

Powweb customer service review

Powweb customer service is nothing but the best. When choosing a new web host, please make sure they provide top notch technical support and after-sales service. Besides good load balanced hosting service, they are also famous for their 24/7 customer service which are available via following channels:

  1. Toll-free phone call to technical support (866-476-9932)
  2. Email ticket to technical support.
  3. Online live chat help.
  4. Live server and system status announcement.

The live server status announcement is the newest feature and it shows your current server status and any failure happening. When website is offline, the first thing we will check in this server status page and find out is there any maintenance work in progress. Once an unplanned downtime is detected, we can contact customer service via any channel available and get their help to fix it. All shortcut link is available in our control panel and we can access it quickly too, it is truly convenient.

Powweb signup process and experience

Customer support help

Finally we have decided to signup. After a month plus heard about them and run few research on them, we are convinced this is a good host. Hopefully we will getting to the right hosting now. We signup with them and the signup process is simple and easy. At their official homepage, find the sign up button. Select the plan of choice and we would suggest 12 or 24 months for best value. Choose a new domain for free. Click the confirmation link and fill in account information and billing information. Complete the order page and its done. Once we have completed the signup process and having the new account, we start migrating this Pow web review website over and start to host this website here. The website migration process is simple and we choose to do it our own. User that require assistant can get help from support team on this.

Technical support and customer service quality are excellent and always available when we need their help. From my experience, I have learned the true fact about them. Truth is that they are fully US-based and we love to talk with people that understand our website problem and able to solve the issue by themselves. They are well trained and know how to fix web server problems. Customer support are helpful and available whenever we need technical help. Many years of experience and we never felt disappointed at all.

Powweb FTP server connection test

FTP server connection is working greats. If you are beginner and going to publish custom built website, this is how to manually FTP upload Web files to server. What need to be done is moving a copy of those files to server. The only choice is to use FTP upload the file transfer protocol to move the files from local computer to the server side. There is no other way. Usually we will use Filezilla FTP client to do the uploading work. This FTP does support multi-threading and uses a few threads processing.

It support Microsoft FrontPage 2003 extensions and this feature are available in control panel. All applications created with FrontPage extensions will work, create and edit website from PC then publish it directly to website. Use the web page editor conveniently and saves time to produce better looking websites. To install this, log in to OPS control panel and select the Install tab and enter a password in the text box and click next button. Since the FrontPage extensions are not compatible with some web tool features, do not enable this server extensions if you are building site using Sitedelux web editor.

Powweb rating and score

After checking all their web hosting products, signup tested their hosting account, check all necessary features, and experience everything here… we are ready to cast a vote and try to give them a fair rating. Throughout the recent years, we have spotted quit some negative reviews for Powweb and we realized some of these online source are outdated and not providing the most recent information. What we want to know is how well this Powweb had perform this year and last year. We want timely and accurate review information for users to see. And for this Powweb rating for this year, we have updated the following star rating chart and awarded them as the following.

Powweb rating and votes

Powweb coupon code and discount 57% (use this signup link)

What is the best Powweb coupon price ever? For selected holiday sale and promotion day, their unlimited plan discount price is available at $3.40 per month or with up to 57% in saving. All new customers who chosen this Powweb promotion price are entitled for a free domain name. During this hour, we try to signup and there is no coupon code to activate. Their official homepage is showing this new discount price instantly.

Powweb coupon 57% off and now only $3.40/mo

What is the next best Powweb coupon? We have investigate their sales promotion for many years. And throughout all these years, we have spotted this 54% discount price from them. This is the more commonly found offer price and often seeing this $3.88 per month at their official homepage. For limited time and selected few, the best coupon ever is this $3.40 per month.

This Powweb discount is valid for those selecting 1 or 2 years signup. However the 3 years signup is only offering with 44% off. For best saving, please choose the one or two years plan only.

  1. One year signup is $4.18/month or 54% off. You pay $50.16 and save $57.72.
  2. Two years signup is $3.88/month or 54% off. You pay $93.12 and save $110.64.
  3. Three years signup is $3.88/month or 54% off. You pay $139.68 and save $111.96.

$3.88 Powweb coupon activated


vDeck control panel & real account test

(Updated October 2014)This year Powweb vDeck control panel is having some improvement and we can now see a better user interface and more addon features available. From testing, we know the Simplescripts is working great and we have installed a few CMS scripts in here via this 1-click installer. Basically, what we have done lately are:

  1. Addon new domain name and host additional website.
  2. Create subdomain name and move this powweb review site to subdomain.
  3. Perform domain redirection and point the old primary domain URL to this subdomain location.
  4. Upgrade the PHP version to 5.3 as the newest available.
  5. Email support and get their help in some CMS site setup issues (fixed).

This year we have done a lot of thing here, and most importantly we are able to achieve all that quickly and without waste of time. This Powweb vDeck control panel is working well and without problem. Customer service is helpful, the tools are available and working as expected.

Powweb vdeck 2014


Best vDeck web hosting reviews

When selecting a web hosting plan, there are a number of things you need to consider to pick the best. One of the most important factors is the control panel where a person takes control of their site and other related data. With the control panel, webmasters are able to build their sites, manage domains, backup website data, email accounts, install software and manage website files among many other tasks. VDeck is one of the most popular control panel options offered in the market today as it offers user friendly tools for a person who wants to develop and manage their website.

Integrated with a number of management tools that are easy to use, vDeck also offers an intuitive and user friendly interface for all its users. Most of the time you can use this for free once you sign up with a hosting plan that provides the control panel. All the features it offers help users go about building, management and promotion of the website. If you would like to take advantage of this, below is a list of 5 of the best vDeck web hosting companies you can work with.

1. Powweb
This is the most recommended vDeck web hosting company because they are using load-balancing servers and provide this is default feature. Next is their cheap price and new customer can signup to their unlimited hosting plan for three dollars per month. This Powweb vDeck hosting plan uses latest control panel and with Simplescripts apps installer.


Actual website uptime and speed – load balancing help?

Is Powweb uptime percentage any good? Their web hosting plan with superior load balancing technology should deliver better quality compare to other conventional plan. Furthermore, they are having a 99.9% uptime guarantee and we want to see something that great. This website uptime section will provide the answer. And we are tracking this Powweb review which is a hosted website for their reliability and availability.

Our Powweb hosted website uptime (for 6 years) has indicate 98.9% in average. There were 875 downtime events throughout these years and average of 145 downtime each year. This is a good percentage and we have seen web host that is much worst than this one.

Beside this Powweb review which is hosted, we have few other test sites and together with the latest percentage too. Check out the latest HostgatorFatcow and iPage service availability for your reference.

Powweb uptime statistic more

Simplescripts installer and no more manual setup

Powweb Simplescripts installer is included free. They will no longer be using Installcentral and now will be replaced with Simplescripts. All website installation can now be done via this free installer tool. This new Powweb Simplescripts is a 1-click installer that allows customers to access large collection of open source apps and perform quick installation from here. This is similar to Fantastico and Softaculous apps and user can now add applications to existing web hosting account with few mouse clicks.

Powweb SimpleScripts


Affiliate program a trick or treat?

Powweb affiliate program is available for free signup. In the pass 1 year, we have been actively reviewing hosting provider and also their marketing plan which is usually powered by their affiliate program. This play a major role in determining the success of a company. If the affiliate program is sucks, there is no marketing force to push the business further. A simple marketing program does play an important role in the success of this hosting company.

Powweb affiliate program


Webmail clients and spam protection

Powweb webmail clients program are the best. Their shared web hosting plan allows multiple emails account to be hosted and each account is accessible via online webmail. Once a new email account is added, we can connect it through Outlook Express or any other client software of choice and send receive message through here. When asked for our opinion on their email service quality, we have no problem with it so far and we are able to perform daily task with their email service.

Powweb webmail client


The advantages of cheap web hosting

A cheap web hosting company offers its service for more or less $5 a month. For owners of small businesses, that’s good news because they’ll be able to publish websites at a very affordable price.

Yet, many are still afraid to avail to this kind of service even if they only have a limited budget for a website. Well, it is normal for you to feel that way. You get what you pay for. There’s a big possibility that every low-priced service you’ll find on the web has its own drawbacks. It might have poor quality, security issues and hidden fees.


Creating a website for your company and host it here

Without a doubt, any business needs a website. In this digital era you cannot just rely on making sales through traditional modes of advertising. You need to reach wider audiences and public, and the only way to do that is by having an effective website. An effective website is one that sells your business or company with its design and content. People rely on the internet for almost everything. They search the internet to get good houses, doctors, foods, hotels among many things. This is why all businesses need to be well represented in the internet. So, how do you create a good website? How do you make sure that your website will promote sales?